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THIS SECTION OF THE WEB SITE contains all the photographs from the book “Blewbury a Hundred Years of Photographs” by Roger Cambray, which was published by the Blewbury Local History Group in 1979.

The original front cover is shown to the left.

The book, designed by Roy East and Ron Freeborn, has been out of print for many years. However it contains a fascinating collection of photographs, which are not readily available, so it was felt that putting the photographs on the web site was the simplest way of making it available again. The only changes that have been made to the text are minor changes to make sense to those reading it in the early twenty-first century, such as changing 'the present day' to '1979'.

The material from the book belongs to the Blewbury Local History Group. If you wish to use it, other than for private study purposes, please contact the BLHG Chair.

HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY AROUND: Go to the Contents page and click on the page or photograph you are interested in, or simply click on the next or previous page arrows on the top of each page. The Map page shows you where each photograph was taken, and you can click on the photograph numbers to link to the photograph in question.


This book is dedicated to Peter Northeast who implanted the idea and did much of the original groundwork. Without Peter’s work on the local history of Blewbury, admirably presented in ‘This Venerable Village’, the task would have been much more difficult, and without his original idea would probably never have been started.

The most difficult part of producing a book of photographs of Blewbury over the past century is deciding what to leave out. The village has been well recorded on film (or plate) and a great many old photographs still exist. That this book has been possible is largely due to the kindness of many people who have lent photographs and allowed them to be used.

We thank Mrs. Pearl Taylor, Mrs. Eileen Todorovic, Mrs. Joanna Thomson, Mrs. Rose Smith, Mr. Dick Prior, Mrs. Ruby Green, Mrs. Joan Spiker, The Misses Joan and Daisy Coleman, Mr. Harold Dunsden, Mr. Vic Belcher, Mrs. Bertha James, Mr. Les Faulkner, the late Miss Hilda Caudwell, Mr. Dick Street, Miss W.M. Lousley, Mr. Claude Corderoy, Mrs. F. Warman, Mrs. Ravening, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cooper, Mr. Brian Lingham and Mr. B. G. Levy for the loan of photographs and for information concerning them. It is expecting too much for a book such as this to be entirely free from error but any mistakes are the responsibility of the author. Also if your favourite picture has been left out, we had to draw the line somewhere and hope, if this book is successful to produce others.

David Rogers, Audrey Long, Mary Kelly and Helen Cambray helped in the selection of photographs and in many other ways.