There have been many books written about Blewbury and the generations of people who have lived here; a list is available on the main website here. The list includes books written by past and current members of the History Group.

There are also many unpublished works, some of which will be gradually copied onto this website. The Publications button in the menu above lists works that are currently available.

Our current project, to be a published series of books, is to research the lives of the men and women of the village who did war service from 1939-1945, whose names are listed on two certificates of service. We are looking at their lives in the village prior to service, the details of their service and the return to the village after hostilities ended. We are also including the stories of people now living in the village.

The certificates have a total of 106 names on them and it is intended to include approximately twenty stories in each volume, with volume 1 including the eight men named on the village war memorials.

Luckily there are men and women still around today whose names appear on the certificates, so we are being assisted to a huge degree by them. As Blewbury seems to be a place where living to 90 is commonplace we are expecting a fantastically detailed record to be laid down for future generations to read.